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The immediate Mezzanine

The industrial Mezzanine TXL32 Kit is acquired immediately; there is no need to wait for any quotation, measurement, technical drawing or manufacture. Imagine an adjustable mezzanine that can be adapted to your space and reused.
Receive your mezzanine in 7 days.

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Immediate solution

Do not wait for any quote, measurement, technical drawing or manufacture.

Immediate response

Receive immediately from the commercial department an accurate response to your needs. Assess our proposal comparing it to the rest of alternatives. Clear up your doubts with our technical department. And, without further ado, receive the mezzanine that will enable the extension and reorganisation of your industrial space. Without any work, you will enjoy a mezzanine that adapts your space and, furthermore, can be reused and relocated whenever needed. Adjust the height and the surface thanks to its telescopic system. More than two decades of professional experience endorse us. Our products are made from high quality materials and have 10 years warranty.

Optimisation Table (Days):
Others Tecrostar
Commercial visit 7 0
Quote 7 2
Approval 3 0
Preparation 35 2
Dispatch 7 7

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Create your own kit

Industrial Mezzanine TXL 32

This is the initial unit of the Industrial Mezzanine TXL 32. Then you can add the extensions and the accessories you need.


The stairs can be adjusted in height and they meet the regulations. Although they are specially designed to be installed with Tecrostar Mezzanines, they are so versatile that can be placed in any location.

The size you need

You can add as many units as needed whenever you want. Double, triple the surface of your mezzanine has never been so easy. You can acquire as many extensions as required at the same moment you install the mezzanine or later, when your space requirements increase.

Safety pallet gate

This anti-fall barrier is a collective security element that is available immediately in three different sizes.